Monday, January 03, 2005

Reality voting system for the open road

Lets add a simple voting scheme to the road - I'm sick of a few reckless drivers endangering us and raising our insurance rates. Here's my plan and yes it will take years to implement.

  • All cars get a close proximity reciever (20 Meters) and a directional transmitter wand.
  • Every driver gets 1 vote per day that they can cast against a bad driver
  • A car can only register one vote on another car (ever)
  • Both cars have to be moving for a vote to be registered
  • A car can only receive one vote per day
  • When your car is inspected, your car's tally is uploaded

Every month, the 2% of owners of cars with the most votes are warned. If next year that owner is in the top 2% they get to pay an additional reckless driver fee (or take away the car!)

The Tribe has spoken - you are a hazzard on the road, get a bike or ride the bus.


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