Monday, January 03, 2005

The cure for Health Care - Cut the FAT

Before we federalize healthcare, mandate coverage, and punish the drug industry I have 2 ideas that would deliver a huge bang for our buck. CUT THE FAT - its killing us and driving our healthcare cost sky high!

  1. Federalize Fast Food - Let the Feds buy McDonalds, Burger King, and Wendys - the quality will decrease, and the price will increase and people will stop stuffing their faces with fast food.

    Seriously MCDs market cap is about 40Billion - so buy it federalize the menu. Its a drop in the bucket relative to what the high fat fast food diet costs us.

  2. Mandate 2 hours of exercise in the workplace per week (thats like 4 half hour breaks) - whatever activity people want - walking, running, stretching, any thing that gets them moving.

    The payoff is huge- i think the tradeoff of a more healthy workforce, and the promise of reduced healthcare costs (overtime) more than makes up for the 2 hours of weekly productivity loss.


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