Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Signs of the end of the world - Clinton and GHWB teaming up

Gosh its just like the X-Presidents cartoon on Saturday Night Live. The X-presidents coming together to raise money for tsunami relief.

My sources say....

  • GWB said he'd take care of Ohio cause he won it big...
  • GHWB said, I'll take Texas, the Central US and Big OIL
  • Clinton volunteered for Hollywood, and any where else with lots of babes and rib joints
  • JEB said he take care of Florida (again!)
  • Cheney was going to fund raise for Halliburton from an undisclosed location
  • Carter mumbled something about going to Home Depot
  • Gore claims that he should be raising money in Florida
  • Kerry flip-flopped between relief funds

All joking aside - it is a horrible tragedy, by my estimation maybe the biggest natural disaster since the plague.


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