Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Moments of Stupidity, Years of Regret

It never ceases to amaze me how people can screw-up their lives on the turn
of a dime by being stupid. The most recent examples are the Maryland
arsonists, and the Jersey laser guy.

In Maryland one pissed off guy who felt he was insensitively dealt with on
the death of a child, talked 5 friends into burning down 10 houses, and
damaging 16 others. Wish his company had been slightly more sensitive
towards his loss. Don't you know one of those guys was thinking - hum...
This isn't such a good idea, and then said oh what the heck I'll follow the
crowd. Now they will have 20 years to regret their stupid choice; what a

Not to be outdone, this dad in Jersey decides its fun to point his laser at
planes. Now besides the risk of blinding a pilot and causing a crash, it
must be close to painting a target for a SAM! Double bad choice to do it a
port authority police helicopter. I bet he's wishing he just stayed in that
night. He could end up in GITMO! In his case he need to be fined for
stupidity and have the heck scared out of him.

MD Fires -


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