Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Cream or sugar with your coliform coffee?

CNN... "The latest round of testing produced positive results for presence
of the bacteria coliform in 29 of 169 randomly selected passenger aircraft
carrying domestic and international passengers. The tests were done on water
from galley water taps and lavatory faucets on planes at 14 airports
throughout the United States."

So if the airframe is in good shape, and the pilot is not drunk, and there
are no bad guys on board - your still not safe - the water is bad so says
the EPA. Now I only drink bottled water, and don't sip watter in the potty
BUT the flight attendents wash their hands in it, and I bet they make coffee
with it - YUCK!

So exactly what is coliform ...
Coliform is a family of bacteria common in soils, plants and animals. The coliform family is made up of several groups, one of which is the fecal coliform group, which is found in the intestinal tracts of warm-blooded animals including humans.


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