Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Al, Howard save us from boredom

If you made it through the State of the Union the thing that was on TV after it was the Democratic Response. I was interested I wanted to hear the counter points on Social Security I don't know what the facts are on that one.

Harry Reid may have communicated some great ideas but he was more boring than a bowl of cold oatmeal! I woke my self up snoring! It was boring even by CSPAN standards! So once I was awake again, I watched Nancy Pelosi. As best as I can tell Reid got domestic policy, and she got foreign policy. She was no dynamo but I mostly stayed awake.

I'd say Pelosi got the short straw. Its hard to dump on the President too much regarding Iraq without dumping on the 60% of Iraqis voters who came out under the real threat of death to vote! Her biggest point is we don't have a withdrawal plan - agreed! but that's like saying Lance Armstrong, I know you've beaten cancer, and won your 5'th Tour but you don't know how your getting home...

By now I'm seriously wishing Al Sharpton and Howard Dean were on TV, at least it would be lively!

The title of this CNN article just jumped off the page at me.Democrats hope response will give them momentum Momentum is not the word that comes to mind - cold oatmeal does.


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